The Jakober foundation in Mallorca
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The Jakober foundation in Mallorca

children´s portraits Spanish Rose garden

Moorish architecture
Jardín de rosales

Golden Children

 Hassan Fathy

Visitas guiadas

Escultura Mallorca


Exhibition Majorca

Día abierto

Retrats de nins

Fundación Jakober

Guided visits

rose garden Moorish architecture in Mallorca

The children´s portraits or "retratos de niños" or "Retrat de nins" in Mallorca Spain are
wonderfull Old Master paintings made by the most important artists of their time.
These portrait of children were made all around europe and the subject was often a prince,

Principiños, Kinderporträts, Kleine Prinzen, Golden Children. They have different name all
around Europe, Spain, Germany, France.

These retratos de niños or children´s portraits were very special and had to reflect the power
of the royalty. They are called Kinderportáts in germany.

Retrats de nins it´s the way we call these portraits in mallorca.
We can qualify these children´s portrait of Old Master paintings as well.
The nins,as we like to call them like that, make you love them.

These Golden Children touch your heart in one way or another way.

Kleine prinzen wollen beckenchaftmachen !

The Guided visits are numerous and you just have to get one to fall in love with this place.

Old Master paintings can apreciated in this foundation that is one of the biggest in Mallorca Spain.

Spanish Rose garden, you´re the place of my dreams...
But the children portraits is not the only piece of art you can see in
the foundation Jakober or fundacíon Jakober in Spanish.
T he Spanish Rose Garden or jardín de rosales can be seen also.
It´s such a beautyfull thing to spend an open day.

An Exhibition Majorca that you will never forget !
amoung the roses after a guided visit of the principiños.

Rosengarten ! You can say if you´re German but you will apreciate it anyway ! The dìa abierto in the foundation jakoberit´s one of the best things you can do in mallorca spain

El jardin de rosales dice siempre bienvenido.

Rosengarten or Rose Garden tell you the same !

Las Visitas guiadas son tan sensillas

Stiftung Jakober fur alles ! Come on for the Guided visits !

Moorish architecture for the house and modern style for the sculptures

When you go to visit the Jakober foundation you´re striken by this
extraordinary contrast.
He was born in Egypt in 1899. He established a private practice in Cairo where he also worked
as professor of Fine Arts and Head of the Architectural School, at the University of Cairo.

Hassan fathy was a great architect! You can apreciate this architecture Moorish during the different

Exhibition of Fundación Jakober.
That way the same times you see the Retratos de niños,
the beautyfull garden of rosales, or the scuptures you have a piece of the moorish architecture´s history.

The Jakober foundation in Mallorca presents you lot of beautyfull sculptures of the couple of artists !
Escultura de Mallorca.

Las esculturas mas modernas y mas guapas de mallorca. Every single sculpture speaks about us and our time.
Ben Jakober and Yannick jakober are real artists just have

a look on their biographie in the shop of the fundacìon !

La escultura de esta pareja es fantastica .
Jakober vu.

This exhibition is on of the best in Mallorca. Oviously there are the Children's Portraits or

nins or the Spanish garden of roses. The whole thing makes you feel somebody special, in this

place out of the time where are still living the Old Master paintings and the Moorish

architecture style.